We are twins, Kirsten and Marianne Nielsen, and the dogworld has been a part of our life for more than 30 years.

Even though we both have been working for people and with dogs, we admire and treasure, our ways have been very different.

Marianne spent her free time working with afghans at Boxadan Afghans, while Kirsten was involved with owning her own grooming shop, assisting handlers in the States, co-breeding poodles with Prestige Poodles in California.

In 2000 we "inherreted" the prefix Abica's and we bred our first litter in 2001.

Since march 2004 Marianne (top picture) has been a member of the board and secretary in The Danish Sighthound Club.
Marianne is now working at the Danish Kennel Club.

Since 2002 Kirsten (bottom picture) has been living in Sweden with Lars Durehed.

They live in an old farmhouse from 1832 in Vanstadskog. Lars has, from 2006-2008, been a member of the board and chairman of The Swedish Afghanhound Club. His favorite hobby is restoring old airplanes.

In December 2006 they purchased another property in Österlen near Simrishamn. A two storage house and with a hangar big enough for Lars' airplanes.

In December 2007 they bought http://www.elon.se/butiker/tomelilla/elon-osterlen-kok